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Garage Door Materials - Which is Best?

Posted by Andrew Levick on Sep 28, 2018 9:17:10 AM

If you're thinking about giving your garage a facelift, it's important to thoroughly research all possibilities, such as the best type of material for your requirements. There are several options available, each of which has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. This article will examine them, in turn, to help you find the right garage door for your home. 

It's fair to say that one type of garage door material isn't intrinsically better than another. The best garage door is one that fulfils all the criteria for the needs of you and your family. Factors that you may wish to consider when browsing garage doors are the climate, the need for security, overall aesthetics, insulation and cost. 


Wooden garage doors are one of the most popular materials and it is not hard to see why. There are many different types of timber used to make garage doors such as cedar or solid timber garage doors so it is possible to choose a wooden garage door whatever your budget. 

A high-quality wooden garage door is by no means an inexpensive option, but it will look stunning and last a lifetime. One of the primary benefits of wooden as a material for garage doors centres around the fact that wood looks absolutely fantastic in its natural state instantly adding a classic look and sense of permanence to any home. 

Other advantages of wood include the facts that it is extremely strong and long-lasting and highly weather-resistant, as long as the door has been properly treated and finished. This leads to the main disadvantage of wood as a choice - there is no escaping the fact that wood does require ongoing maintenance in the form of varnishes and protective sealants. 


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Garage doors made of steel are a good solution for homeowners who are keen to have a solid and comparatively inexpensive garage door that is also available in many different styles and is highly customisable. Steel does not rust and can be sourced in different grades - the most expensive may be equally strong or even stronger than a timber garage door. When researching steel garage doors, inquire about the thickness and grade of the steel to assess its quality, which will have an impact on its durability and strength. Finally, steel is one of the cheaper options in the UK, so it is the perfect option if you are on a budget.



Aluminium is one of the most popular Garage door options.  It has many similarities to steel, but there are a few differences. One advantage of an aluminium garage door is the ability to add foam filled insulation. Although aluminium has many of the same qualities as steel, it is significantly lighter in weight,  however this does not mean you compromise on quality, in fact, aluminium garage doors are possibly even better quality, and last just as long as steel garage doors.  Aluminium is also even more rust resistant than steel. With aluminium being light weight,  the operating drum of an automated door can be smaller than one made of steel, thus saving space. 


Fibreglass is one of the least popular materials used for garage doors. It is a lightweight man-made alternative to the other options that is much more resistance to dents than aluminium.  It is a versatile material that can be used to make truly beautiful garage doors. 

The fibreglass panels used to make garage doors can have the appearance of a natural wood door. The beauty of the wood grain can be realistically replicated without having any of the disadvantages of a natural timber door. Fibreglass can also be painted in any colour of your choice, leaving you free to complement the colours of your property. 

Whichever type of material you decide for your garage door, Shutter Spec Security is always available to provide assistance with your project. If you would like more advice about whether wood, steel or fibreglass is the best choice for your garage or to find out more about our great choice of garage door materials, contact us on 01844 212152.

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