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Key things to consider when looking for Electric Garage Doors

Posted by Andrew Levick on Jan 14, 2019 1:34:09 PM


When choosing a new electric garage door, there are a few things to think about to ensure that you are buying the right door for your specific needs. Things have moved on considerably over the last decade, and there are now many variations of electric garage doors with numerous features. As well as considering the specifications of automated garage doors, this article will also investigate the variations, so you can make an informed decision. 

Only buy CE marked products from a reputable supplier

All products sold by Shutter Spec Security are CE marked to indicate that they are fully compliant with current legislation. Do not be tempted by cheaper suppliers - apart from the increased likelihood of developing mechanical faults, non-compliant garage doors can be extremely dangerous. 

Key features of electric garage doors

Electric garage doors can be found in many different styles. This is the ultimate in garage door convenience, meaning on wet and windy days you don’t need to get out of your car to open the door. Advanced features such as obstruction detection and ‘soft stop’ opening and closing ensure a great all-round experience. 

Style variations

All of the following styles of garage doors can be automated. At Shutter Spec Security, we offer styles, colours and finishes that are pretty much limitless so please feel free to visit our showroom in Thame where we will be happy to advise you about further options. 


Discover our Garage Door styles

The main types of electric garage doors are: 

Retractable garage doors

These are ideal for garages with minimal headroom or for smaller garages which haven't the room for roller or sectional doors. There are two types of tilt garage doors, those which use track fittings and those which use jamb (J) fittings. Most garage doors in the UK operate with track fittings which tilt backwards and upwards so the door recesses into the garage. Tilt doors are easy to install and open quickly, especially when fitted with an automated mechanism. 

Roller garage doors

Roller shutter garage doors are often extremely smart and stylish and add kerb appeal to your property. Roller doors are mounted above the door frame so when they are opened they simply roll out away, out of sight. They are excellent if you plan to use your garage for storage and use the driveway in front to park your car, as no space is needed in front of the garage to open outwards or upwards. Moreover, roller garage doors also often have excellent insulation properties, making them an ideal choice for those who spend plenty of time in the garage. Seceuroglide roller shutter garage doors, which are supplied by Shutter Spec Security, are highly recommended and are noted for their quiet performance and their ability to function well in extreme weather conditions. 

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Sectional garage doors

Sectional garage doors, which can be automated as with all types of garage doors, have many advantages. They offer the highest levels of security of all garage doors, are available in a wide range of options and styles and offer additional passenger width, making them the ideal choice for people wishing to drive into their garage. Sectional garage doors are engineered to very high standards as they consist of separate sections that rise upwards so there is no loss of garage space. They represent cutting edge design, excellent security and enormously efficient thermal insulation. 

If you have any questions about electric garage doors, contact the team at Shutter Spec Security for advice. It's also worth reading some of our recent inspirational case studies for the latest examples of some of our satisfied customers' electric garage doors.

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