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Lighting solutions for your garage interior

Posted by Andrew Levick on Oct 15, 2018 10:18:22 AM


Your garage is one of the most frequently used places in the home. Many people pass through it as they exit and enter the main house and it is often used by most family members to store things from bicycles to fishing rods. Some use it to park a car, while others turn the space into a home office or even a gym. However, you use your garage, it deserves to be well-lit, especially as most garages have very little in the way of natural light. There are many different options for lighting your garage and which one you choose will depend on how you use your garage. 

During the winter when the nights are long, and the days are short, effective lighting can make a huge difference to the appeal and ongoing use of your garage space. Nowadays, garages are frequently an important extension of our living space, so it makes sense to invest some time into making their fixtures and fittings as appealing as possible. This article will explore some of the best lighting solutions available for your garage. 

Lighting options 

Fluorescent lights 

Fluorescent lights are a durable and practical lighting choice to compensate for the lack of for natural daylight inside the garage. They have been popular for many years because of their: 

Longevity - this makes it an environmentally friendly and economical choice as they do not need as much maintenance as other options. and their bulbs rarely need to be changed. Fluorescent light bulbs typically last up to 50,000 hours compared to the 1500 hours of incandescent bulbs. 
Reliability - fluorescent lights have a reputation for rarely going wrong. 
Energy efficiency - fluorescent lights use 75 percent less energy than traditional light bulbs. They also emit about 75 percent less heat than a conventional light bulb. This means lower energy bills for you. 

However, fluorescent lights do have a few disadvantages. They often have a higher initial cost to install and are available with fewer options, such as a dimmable lamp. Some people also find the quiet buzzing sound that can be heard when they are turned on rather irritating. 


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Halogen lights 

Halogen lights also provide a good source of light and are long-lasting. They are a good option if you don't need to turn your garage light off and on too often. Halogen lights are the cheapest type of energy saving light bulb, using much less energy than incandescent bulbs. However, they are one of the less efficient energy saving bulbs available. 

Recessed lights 

Recessed lights are a stylish form of lighting. They are installed so that the surfaces lie flush with the ceiling or wall on which it is mounted. they can create the illusion of more space, and the added targeted light can allow you to work more efficiently. Their lightweight nature makes them very flexible, so you can position them exactly where you want them. Place them around a work bench or dotted around the walls; the choice is yours. 

Lighting performance - Because of their multi-point design, LED wall-pack-lighting applications often deliver very evenly distributed light. 
However, recessed lights can be very expensive. Installation can be more challenging than traditional lighting fixtures, not to mention the fact that changing the small lightbulbs can be problematic. Safety can also be an issue. Always choose Insulation Contact (IC) rated lighting. 

LED lights 

LED lights generally last for about 25,000 hours, more than enough for the needs of an average household. They are very energy efficient, using far fewer watts than traditional filament bulbs to produce the same amount of lumens - the amount of brightness. LED lights appeal to those who like to be able to choose from a range of options as they are available in attractive warm colours. This range means that they are ideal for people who use their garage as a workspace where they need bright lights. 

Spend some time thinking about the way you use or intend to use your garage. If it is predominantly used for storage, a simple fluorescent strip light will be more than sufficient. However, if your garage is a work or leisure space where you spend a lot of time, then something more sophisticated is called for and you will need some time to perfectly design your ideal lighting layout. If you are still unsure of which type of interior garage lighting to choose, contact Shutter Spec Security for expert advice.


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