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Which access controls are right for me?

Posted by Andrew Levick on Aug 3, 2018 11:49:36 AM

When it comes to your property and the safety and convenience of you and your family, only the best is good enough. Everything needs to look good, work well and operate with a minimum of stress. We understand that this is what an effective home driveway security solution should always be - designed to make your life better and not more complicated - and our access controls provide a range of intuitive options to fulfil this promise in the way that works for you. 

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What are access controls? 
Access controls are an integral part of an automated driveway gate. A gate remote is only one part of a complete gate access system. The type of access control that you need will depend on the traffic you expect at your gate - how many times you will need to open and close your gates in the course of an average day. Homeowners usually use a remote control and receiver in conjunction with a keypad at the gate to facilitate visitor entry, while busier entryways or properties with long driveways may require a telephone entry system. 

Different types of access control 

  • Digital Keypad 
    A digital keypad gives you a secure and convenient way to let people in. A keypad can be installed on the exterior of the gate. Visitors will need to enter a pin number to open the gates. Digital keypads are also ideal for use in pedestrian entrances stringer security is required. 
  • Remote Control 
    Used on entry and exit, remote access control could be combined with an intercom or keypad. This method uses relatively simple and straightforward technology to offer reliable access control. A further option allows a handheld device to be operated from within a vehicle. A radio remote control uses approved VHF radio frequencies that work from a range of approximately 20 to 100 metres. The actual handheld devices are available in a number of formats, from small keyring fobs to handheld units similar in size to a 'walkie-talkie'. Radio remote controls are suitable for gates with numerous uses with different reasons for entry. 
  • Audio and GSM intercoms 
    If you are out, an audio system enables a visitor to press a button and it will dial the homeowner who can then let you in. This is a good system if the gate is in a remote location. GSM intercoms use mobile phone technology to open and close automatic doors and gates. They are becoming increasingly popular as they allow a large amount of gate control flexibility. 
  • CCTV/ Video Intercoms 
    As above, but the homeowner can see who is at the gate and also via an app on your phone if you're not in. When a person approaches the gate at the end of a long driveway, for example, security guards or staff can use CCTV footage or the audio communication to decide whether or not to admit entrance to your property. The latest technology means that you can also remotely control access online. 
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) 
    This is usually part of a wider access control system so visitors whose vehicles are not recognised can still gain access if permitted. Sensors are programmed to recognise to certain number plates, which have been previously entered into the appropriate software. 
  • Local or Remote Push-Button System 
    This is one of the simpler options - it allows gates to be opened either locally or remotely via a push-button system. Many owners choose to have this in conjunction with another type of access control so that it can be overridden in the event of a malfunction.
  • Vehicle Sensors/Pads 
    These are most often used when exiting a property and are an effective alternative to using a remote. They eliminate the need for a remote and can be used with a timer if you know what time a vehicle is expected. 
  • Biometric methods 
    Retina scanners and fingerprint readers replace conventional systems, but biometric methods are not yet widely used in residential properties in the UK. 

What is the most reliable method? 
An IP-based remote access solution is probably the most reliable method as IP integration permits remote access, monitoring, video recording and general control from any device and from any location in the world. It can also easily be integrated with all other home security systems. However, this is the most expensive option by far. 
A remote transmitter is the most commonly used form of access control in the UK - it's an affordable and reliable method which rarely requires intervention and most homeowners are very happy with the service it provides. 

As you can see, there is a vast array of access control systems and it can be hard to decide which one is right for you. Of course, there are many variables that will need to be taken into consideration, such as your budget and the distance from your front door to the outer gate post. At Shutter Spec Security, we have an enormous range of experience and expertise in all methods of access control and can offer advice on the best solution for you. 

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