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Everything you need to know about Garage Doors

This page is designed to provide you with all the information needed in order to make an informed decision about the best garage door to suit your requirements. The topics covered in this page are listed below and if you require any further information please contact one of our experts who are more than happy to help. 


Garage Door Styles

Garage Door Insulation

Garage Door Opener

Garage Door Security

How To Make Existing Garage Doors Safer

Garage Door Installation

Garage Door Repairs 

Garage Door Styles

Once you begin researching different types of garage doors, you will quickly realise that there is a vast array of styles from which to choose. It can seem overwhelming, but garage doors are made from four main materials: steel, aluminium, wood or fibreglass. Each of these has its own set of advantages and disadvantages and choosing which material is best for your garage door can be essential. 

Steel is the strongest material, for example, and high grades can be expensive while wood is very attractive but requires more maintenance than other options. Aluminium has historically been considered the budget option, but modern aluminium doors are often sleek and sophisticated and can provide a unique contemporary look.  

The colour of your garage door has a huge impact on the overall look of your property. Natural varnished wood has a classic timeless look. Brightly painted garages can make a statement that can increase kerb appeal, although many people opt for subtle hues that blend in with the overall look of the neighbourhood. 

Garage doors are also available in several different opening styles. The most common are roller, up and over, sectional, and side hinged. Roller garage doors are currently the most popular in the UK. All styles can vary according to the individual application but finding the best garage door design for your home is essential.  



Garage Door Insulation

Winters in the UK are frequently cold, dark and long. Did you know that a whopping 25 percent of your property’s warmth is lost through an integrated garage? This is the equivalent to what can be lost through your windows! Therefore It isn't surprising that many customers are increasingly insisting on buying garage doors that are well insulated, offering additional protection against the cold and wet. This is especially true of homeowners who have converted their garage and are using it as a living space - an uninsulated garage door can make the interior unpleasantly hot in the Summer and freezing in Winter. 

Sectional garage doors are normally the top performers as they are usually double-skinned steel panels containing foam core insulation. Rubber seals around the edges of the door add extra protection against the weather. Good quality timber side-hinged doors also offer excellent levels of insulation but if you would like to read more about which garage door offers the best insulation click here. 


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Garage Door Opener- Automatic Garage Doors

A garage door opener is a mechanised device that allows the automatic opening of a garage door. It's not hard to see why automatic garage doors are becoming increasingly popular. They allow you to open the garage door without having to get out of the car, saving time whilst also being extremely convenient. Automatic garage doors also offer additional levels of safety and security. They are considered to be low energy and generally do not require more in the way of maintenance than manual garage doors. Many models also come with lighting, which effectively illuminates the area outside the garage or the path to your house. 



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These days, modern automatic garage doors are very adaptable. If you buy any style of garage door - side-hinged, sectional or roller - if it has been purchased within the last two years, it will almost certainly be fitted with an automatic opening device. 

These are aspects of door openers to bear in mind before purchasing:

  • Rolling-code security technology - this new technology uses random encoding technology to make it impossible for burglars to guess or work out your passcode. 
  • Overhead lights - these are now a standard feature and a very useful one at night-time.
  • A remote control - look for a reliable model with a dual frequency which reduces the likelihood of interference from neighbours if you live in a heavily populated area. 
  • A touchpad or keypad - these convenient devices are fast becoming standard, but they can always be added as an option to your existing setup. 
  • WIFI connectivity - as the Internet of Things is becoming a reality in more and more of our homes, make sure that your garage door stays connected via your smartphone or device. Ideal for checking on the status of your door whilst away from the property for additional peace of mind. 



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Garage Door Security

We live in a time when the security of our property is an increasing concern for many of us. Opportunistic thieves and burglars will take advantage of garage doors that are left open or look flimsy and poorly installed. 

It may sound obvious, but a garage door that is well-made and robust with additional security features such as CCTV and a burglar alarm will be far less likely to be targeted by criminal than a weaker, poorly made door. 

You might think a closed garage door is quite difficult to break into, but older garage doors can be easily kicked open, especially the style where the garage meets the top of the frame. A crowbar can be used to prise the door open with ease but new models are fitted with a bar to protect this area of weakness. To ensure your peace of mind our range of Garage Doors, include insurance approved products that are certificated by the LPCB (loss prevention and certification board) and SBD (secured by design) which is a Police preferred specified product.

Roller and sectional garage doors are harder to damage and break into than up and over garage doors - an automatic roller door is often the door of choice by industry experts. Read more about garage door security here.


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How To Make Existing Garage Doors Safer

From a security point of view, the following features are definitely worth considering when choosing a new garage door or upgrading an existing one: 

  • Garage door defenders - If you have an up and over garage door, a good quality garage door defender can be a cost-effective deterrent if installed properly into the concrete or tarmac substrate. Place it just in front of the centre of the door and choose a heavy-duty model fitted with a padlock designed to resist bolt cutters. 
  • A household alarm system and integrated household alarm system are essential parts of garage security. A wireless alarm system is ideal for garages that are a small distance from the main house. Key features to look for include movement sensors and video capture.

Garage doors should always be supplied with the following security features: 

  • Locks - at least two
  • Strong bars - an additional feature on the interior of the door that prevents the locks being prised open 
  • Security lights

Check that your household insurance covers your garage door and the contents of the garage. If you have any of the aforementioned additional security features, tell your provider as it could reduce your premiums. 



Garage Door Installation

If you love DIY, you might be tempted to save costs and install a new garage door yourself. However, as garage doors are extremely heavy, unwieldy and often feature dangerous torsion-spring mechanisms, most people opt for the service which is offered by virtually all garage door companies and have the garage door supplied, fitted and the old door taken away for disposal. 

Nevertheless, before the installation day, there are some things you can do to help the process go as smoothly as possible: 

  • Make sure there is a 13-amp socket available in the garage.
  • If the garage is part of a new build, be aware that a garage door cannot be installed until the floor has been properly levelled and finished and all interior plasterwork has been completed. 




Garage Door Repairs

Garage doors usually work well, day in and day out. Sometimes, however, they can become awkward to open, unusually noisy or refuse to open at all. These are all signs that a garage door needs some maintenance. For more information on how to keep your garage door in perfect condition click here. Some garage door problems are quick and easy to fix;

Silencing a noisy garage door

This is usually a simple task as long as the garage door is still opening and closing properly. Try tightening all the nuts with a socket wrench or monkey nut. If it's still noisy, it may be necessary to replace the rollers or the hinges. 


Frozen garage door 

In cold weather, garage doors can become frozen to the floor or the sides. Use de-icing products or lukewarm water to melt as much ice as you can before attempting to open it. Avoid repeatedly pressing the buttons on the keypad as this can damage the internal circuits. 

Replacing a garage door if it's broken 

If your garage door is broken, it is important to call in the service of a professional to repair or replace your garage door. Garage doors, particularly ones with an automatic mechanism, need to be serviced by someone who is properly qualified to do the task, which may well involve removing heavy items, dealing with electrics.  This often requires someone with the knowledge and expertise to do the job safely. 

Hiring a professional also makes economic sense. They will have the tools and the skills to get the job done to a professional standard and quickly. If you attempt to do it yourself, you may well spend more money trying to get the right tools. There is always the possibility that you might make the situation even worse. Use the services of a professional to get your garage door working again rather than spending hours trying to work out what the problem is.